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Ciao from Italy.


New Member
I'm a sigma-user since 2005 and I currently have the task of moderator in the Italian sigma forum.
I registered here just because I found astronomical images taken with Sigma cameras, which are commonly judged not suitable for deep sky shooting.

I write a brief curriculum to introduce myself.
At age 12, using an home made contact printer, I started to print the b/w negatives of my father's bellows camera before take pics with my first slr (Fujica ST701) that I bought at age 25.
Later, the trade of electronic components in my store allowed me to buy a Leicaflex SL and then a second (SL2) for my wife.
In the meantime, I was setting up an home darkroom with trays for prints up to 50x60cm not only for b/w but also for color printing.
I also tried the development of color slides and Cibachrome printing.
The last step in the analog field has been the purchase of a Rollei SL66: not pocketable but the most versatile jewel of mechanics I've ever seen.
At the end of the century the technical counseling I offered at a local amateur astronomers group helped me to discover the characteristics and possibilities of cooled monochrome CCD cameras, but I noticed the color CCD version did not show the same resolution due to its mosaic architecture.
The Bayer cameras of beginning century did not convince me, but when I read in 2002 a revolutionary sensor was invented and produced, I awaited the SD10 release to sell all my analog equipment.

PS) Sorry for the mistakes I can do in English.