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Close up and macro lenses



I have purchased a 4 piece close up and macro lens kit which has a diameter of 62mm. What type of adaptor do I need to fit these lenses to my E500?

What is the diameter of your lens? You probably need a step-up adapter, to step-up from 57mm (?) to 62mm filter threads. These are cheap and easy to find; they are for adapting filters to lenses with different front thread diameters.

I'd be curious how the images come out, and if you use AF or MF - I've not thought of using diopters with my EVOLT...

On a slightly tangential note, has anyone tried or heard word on the Olympus 35mm macro for the E-system? I saw one while browsing 4/3 lenses somewhere, I thought it was an interesting alternative to the 50mm macro.

Cheers! - marc
> The front of your E-500 lenses are marked as to what diameter filters they take. The 14-45 and 40-150 both take 58mm accessories. You'll have to find an "acme" 58-62mm step up ring. John, http://www.zuiko.com