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Compact tripod suggestions



Just wondering if anyone has used and has an opinion on the Bogen Digi 719B compact tripod. It seems to be a decent candidate for travel use -- light weight, built in ball head, 8.8 lb capacity, and compact design. I'd be using it with an M3 and 35 or 50mm lens. I'm wondering about stability and ease of use as well. Suggestions for other tripods as well? Thanks in advance. Andy.
RE: Travel Tripods.

A shakey tripod is worse than none at all.

Check back issues of Pop Photography for tripod reviews. You should be able to find them at your local library.

Also condider the Bogen ( Manfroto ) mini tripod. It is their adapttion of the Leica tabletop tripod.
You cannot beat the Leica Table-tripod with ball & socket head. I have not travelled without one for thirty years. Otherwise for travel the Linhof Profi-Port is strong sturdy and compresses to 72 cm. It also has an excellent padded protective case if needed. http://www.linhof.de/english/index.html The Monopod is also worth considering.
See postings in the above list
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"Leica Tabletop Tripod with Large Ball Head September 24 - 4:19 pm [2]"
If you must have extreme light weight, consider the little Omega tripod. It is only 6" high when collapsed and weighs maybe 4-5 oz. Yes, it is pretty unstable but with the body of the Leica extended over one of its legs, it will get you by. Especially good if you use it for backpacking or you very rarely use a tripod and need one "just in case" Otherwise, I use a Gitzo G1 with an old Leitz head. Maybe 2-3 pounds and handy enough to carry around or stick on a small day pack or messenger bag.
Dear Kurt,

I have got one urgent request. You should consider that this is an international forum. Most of the readers are not Americans. Therefore if you use measuring units please be so kind to use the international standard units and not units like oz. '' or pounds. Those units we do not (want to) understand.

Best wishes
With repect,I wouldn't have thought that such standards for measuring = units were universally international. Here in England we also tend very = often to understand ounces, pounds, inches, feet, yards etc better than = the metric equivalents although we may now since the EU be supposed to = think in metric. I don't think that the USA has yet gone metric or has = any intention of doing so.

I am sorry to unterupt your interesting discussions about tripods again. But please let me add a final comment on the item "units". In 1960 almost all nations (including US and United Kingdom) signed the "International System of Units" to introduce the metric system (SI Units) in all countries. My opinion to international forums like this is that we shöuld use languages that we all are able to understand . The first is English (though it is the mother tongue for only few people including myself) and the other language should be the SI Units (which is understood by most of people).

Please continue now your intersting discussions about tripods.
It is my belief that the USA chooses to use or understand, the metric system selectively. They do, after all, use "35mm" cameras. NOT "Inch & a half" cameras. Slides are 24x36mm, NOT 1x1 1/2 inches. I now live in Canada, and when I buy my gas (petrol)in the US border towns I pump it in litres!!!
Jochen Kriegesmann posted, (somewhat self-rightously): In > 1960 almost all nations (including US and United Kingdom) signed the > "International System of Units" to introduce the metric system (SI > Units) in all countries.

Yes, Jochen, that is true. When I lived in Wetzlar in that year and beyond, the sold fruit at the market in pfd. (metric pounds) I have seen recent pictures where this practice continues in some places. It may be that you'll turn some around, but like the DM vs the Euro, lots of people wish those who legislate things like weights and distances and money would just find something else to do.

I know that you'd be hard pressed to get some of my Louisiana neighbors to strat thinking in kilos of crawfish!

But if you cannot follow a discussion because it uses English measurements, you can print out the following and tape it to your monitor.

Pound: A unit of mass in the avoirdupois system of units equal to 16 ounces or 7000 grains. It is equivalent to 0.453592 kg or slug, and is sometimes abbreviated lbm. A metric pound is defined to be 500 grams.