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Connector cords for auto bellows


I have recently acquired a used Contax auto bellows system, which, unfortunately, did not have the connector cords. The one I need is to connect the electromagnetic shutter release socket of the camera body to the socket on the (left side) bellows, which stops down the aperture on shutter release.

My first preference would be to find the stock cord. Else, I would need to fabricate one. My problem there is in identifying the connector type on the bellows side. It is not the same type of connector as on the camera body.

Does anyone know what type of connector it is, or where a stock cord could be found?

I suppose that, in the mean time, I could manually stop down and lock the aperture, and then trip the shutter release, but I have not tried this yet.
Hi, You may just be very lucky. I sell lots of used Contax C/Y items on ebay and currently have one such cord on ebay.co.uk and I ship to the USA & others. It is the Contax R37S cord, which I believe is the updated version of the older S37S cord..if you search on 'Contax R37S cord' it should appear...I was not sure if ebay item numbers were allowed on here! Cheers Steve.M.
Lucky day indeed!

I'll have to keep an eye on your store.