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Conta 645 Lens Hoods

Anyone know what the correct hood is for the 55mm lens, is it the 45mm's GB-71 or the 80mm's GB-72?

I used to have labels stuck on the hoods to remind me but they've rubbed off!

According to the Contax site it's the GB 101. Shouldn't be more than about $10,000!

Gary, B&H have it for $89.95 plus $4.95 pp. And yes it's the GB101
I'm sure that B&H originally listed the hood for the 80mm as being the compatible one.
Thanks for the answers. But the GB-101? Where's that come from, because I don't think it existed when the lens came out.

I've been using a 55mm for about eighteen flare-free, vignette-free, problem-free months, with either (possibly both) the GB-71 or the GB-72.

Maybe the GB-101 is instead of the relaunched Contax 645 II we've been waiting for!

I would assume to play it safe using the hood from the 45mm to avoid possible vignetting. If the GB 71 or 72 would work we can save more money than having to buy yet one more expensive Contax hood! Let us know if it works.

Guy, I'm almost certain I've been using the 80mm GB-72 with the 55mm, Colin Elliot suggested this was the recommended hood when the lens was originally released. Absolutely no ill effects that I can see.

Incidentally, the 55mm is one of the unsung heroes of the Contax range, it's fully the equal of the Hasselblad 60mm which is a favourite of the Hassie cognoscenti.
Guy, something wrong here. I've just checked and the GB-101 is the hood for the 35mm, it's a hula-hoop sized monster that a 55mm lens, with camera, attached, could pass right through!

You're right. I just looked at my 35mm lens hood and it is the GB101. Right there on the Contax web site it says that hood is for the 55mm. Obviously it is not. I wonder if anyone at Contax looks at their own site?

I checcked on the B&H site and they don't even have the hood for the 55mm listed.