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Contax 159mm problem


New Member
It's my first post here so hello everyone ;)
I have contax 159mm, really great camera but since day one it makes my life too interesting... first some light leaks occured on photos - I got my camera tighten. Later the shutter got stucked but somehow after really long evening with some rummage underneath the bottom plate I got it fixed. But now I have a really big problem and can't find any solution...
My camera have problems with - (i don't know a word for it)- pushing the film forward. It doesn't happen everytime but sometimes it pushes the film forward for a few milimetres and then the film stops despite the film advance lever is being pulled but the shutter is getting stretched correctly. It happens with winder too. When I release the shutter the camera takes picture on previous one. Of course when I use the lever I can feel that the film is not being pushed so I put the lens cap on and took photos until I know the film is on it's correct place (exposure countner works correctly). Sometimes it takes just one pull of lever, sometimes around ten... when I pull the lever I can feel that the film is pulled by the spool for a milisecond and then it's a feeling like the connection beetwen the lever and the spool got lost. What is interesting when there's no film in the camera everything works correctly, the problem occurs only when I'm holding (gently of course ;) ) the black spool. So without any load the camera works perfectly.
I got the bottom plate off and dig into everything until I get to the spool and every part seems to be OK so I put the camera together...
I'm about getting the top plate off but I don't want to do that without the repair manual... It's a miracle that I managed how to put together the bottom part ;)
Does anyone have any idea what may be the cause of this problem? Or can anyone please send me scans or photos of 159mm repair manual? I can't find it anywhere over the internet and it's unavailable to buy in Poland...
I will really appreciate any help.
Sorry for the length of this post and any language mistakes, my english is not to good...