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Contax at PMA 2004 Not good

Who knows? Since the Japanese are supposed to be big on honor, and since the mainstream press is beginning to ridicule them, perhaps they may be called out to finally respond to the growing criticism with action rather than cheap marketing spin.
They did similar thing in 2003 during Photo East. I think that they need to hire a new marketing rep.

Contax needs more than new marketing if they are to remain viable. They need new products, because falling behind in product development may prove fatal.

(Admin: sorry we had to delete the last part because of the wording)
I am really amazed that Contax has not moved to correct the N digital shortcomings to produce a solid product for the high end digital SLR market. Relatively minor tweaks such as developing a RAW plugin for Photoshop and better power management would result in an excellent Zeiss Lens powered system.

I have a number of Contax P&S products, such as the T3 and T ix, and love them. Hopefully the Contax management can get their stuff together and deliver on the digital SLR front as well.
Fellow Forum Members...FYI...
Three weeks ago I contacted Kyocera about servicing my N Digital...(my NAM-1 needed work, my rear dial needed some tlc, and I wanted a technician to look at it in general). I was given concise instructions on how to send the equipment in. In about a week, I received a written evaluation and estimate for the repairs ($87). I promptly paid for the repairs. I received the repaired camera and the NAM-1 today. The equipment was beautifully repaired and operates just like new. This is an ex&le of Contax/Kyocera handling their customer service in a very businesslike way. I am very satisfied with the service and I will continue to use and enjoy my Contax/Zeiss equipment. Greg "Al" Larson
Greg, that's comforting news indeed. On the other hand, I faxed in an order for two ND battery holders over three weeks ago as instructed through e-mail and no news yet ...

Patiently waiting
Hello Greg,

What kind of repair did you need for your NAM-1? I understand it is basically a metal ring with no moving parts. It shouldn't need any repair, unless the mount is warped. But I have seen at least two people here now complaining that something's not right with their NAM-1s. I was going to buy a used NAM-1, but if it needs repairs I might have to get a new one.

Is NAM-1 not rigid enough that it warps easily? How does it feel attached to ND with a 645 lens? Does it feel solid with no play?

Many thanks.