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Contax AX , with mirror blocked up


Active Member
My Contax AX sometimes (2 times during 1 film) has the mirror locked up and nothing happens.
I have to get out the film from the body and try some manipulation (I don't remember which ones) to unlock.
I seem to appear when I'm in manuel focus.
Any idea?
Dear Sir,

did you resolve this problem and how with your AX in the meantime?
I have the same problem, so I would really be grateful for your info.

No, I didn't got enough time to make it repair.
This problem seems common with several contax bodies.A kind of tuning could be done on the pivot, as it's a well known issue.
If you do it before me, please let us know.
I recently have the same problem. ((( Two yeas my AX was good. Does anybody have an AX (RX) repair manual which is at ebay? Is it a good manual? It seems that my RX has this problem also. ((( Therefore now I use only Yashica FX-3.
daa, Just posted a reply on the other site re Contax 'mirror slip' then thought I would check this one out, as it seemed to relate to the same problem, and it does. I have not used either of my 167 or AX for some months so I will get them out to have a look. I was set on getting another Contax to go with the other two, but I will definitely put things on hold now.
However, any useful information re this problem, and the potential cost of such a repair, from anyone out there, would be appreciated.
It seems not to be a mirror issue, this is due to the too small displacement of the diaph ring
I got it repaired on the diaph ring point of view.
Nevertheless, mirror blocked 2 times in 14 pictures.
Question now is to know if it is mechanical or electrical failure to give some facts to the after sale shop.