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Contax G users in Chicago & suburbs

Well, I am a RX and 167MT user if that counts and I am in the city of Chicago.
Where are you?
I use an RTS III and an N1 - am also in the city of Chicago - around Lincoln Square. What labs do you use to develop your film ?
I also live near Lincoln Square. I use Helix on Racine. Got any tips on a better place? I am at Foster and Western basically.
I use a place called Triangle Camera - it's on Broadway south of Wrigley field...they are open on Sunday - easier to pick things up. I have had them scan some pix - but I think they have the low end of scanning equipment. Do you know if Helix does a decent job of this ?
I'll have to check out Triangle. Helix is ok. I scan my own stuff now so I cut out the middle man and get much better quality scans. I am thinking of buying a nice film scanner. I am a little camera crazy nowadays. It hit me hard. I love the RX. A little tank that is fun to use. I was lusting after that RTS III but it was a little more than I could afford and I wanted to have money for a wide angle.
I am at Lawrence and Central Park in Chicago. I only have Contax 645 with 140mm & 80mm.
I used to goto Excel Photo Lab on California near Devon. They are great lab. But they have recently moved to Wheeling. Their phone number is 847-215-6666.