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Contax GA1



I never owned a G1 or G2, but I'm always tempted to get one. I have a number of Y/C mount lenses and recently learned that it can be mounted on the G series using the GA-1. Can someone explain how this works? Can someone who have used this share some comments?

Hi Steve,
I have used the GA-1 with the G2 and it will work O.K. the only problem is that the MM lenses do not couple to the body and you have to focus the lens manually.
The LCD on the top of the G-2 tells you in meters how far the subject is away and you then set the lens in the normal way.
My only complaint was that with the 85mm f 1.4 it was very heavy and looked out of proportion.
If you can live with that then no problem it worked well for me.
I have just owned a G1 + 45 Contax and am tempted to get a GA-1 adapter that is actually offered. However, I am doubious about the exact system for the "manually focus". ¿Is O.K., for ex&le, at 0.5, at 1.5, at 3 meters?

¿Can someone explain me this question?

Does anyone know or used a combo of G2 + GA1 + 24/25mm lens? Dses it work? Is it possible?

how accurate was the focusing using the 85/1.4? did you try it wider than f4? even at f1.4?!
I have just today added a G2/45 Planar to my Contax stable of RX and 139Q. Greatly looking forward to using it. I am thinking of getting the GA1 adaptor so I can use some of my MM/AE lenses. Has anyone experience of the GA1 with say the VS 35-70 or a wide angle 18-28 zoom as these are the lenses I carry around with the RX most of the time?
You might try holding your proposed SLR lenses in front of the G2 body in their approximate position to determine whether you can still see through the viewfinder. If they block too much of the view because of their size, you'll have to get an auxiliary finder to put in the hotshoe. They also must not block the rangefinder sensors.

IIUC, to use the adapter you manually set the focus based on what the rangefinder readout tells you, then compose and shoot. This is probably acceptably accurate if you're shooting stopped down somewhat. What I don't know is just how cumbersome the process might be, I've never spoken with anyone who owns the adapter.

In any case, enjoy your new G!

Many thanks for advice Rick. The 18-28 completely blocks out the = viewfinder and sensor windows and the 35-70 is not a whole lot better. I guess I = will just have to find some more expert witness work and get a big enough = bill into the lawyers to buy a proper zoom G lens. Wilson