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Contax GG3 Lens Hood for Zeiss 90mm/2.8 - What does yours look like



I have a question for people who own the GG3 hood for the 90mm lens. I have 2 of them in my possession and there is a difference in them. The original one I got when I purchased the kit is all aluminum and in the inside is painted flat black just like all the other lens hoods for the G series. There is a lip in the middle of the inside separating what looks to be a threaded portion versus a flat suface on the interior.

Now the new one just received from Delta International has a felt lined interior but only on the inside portion (not the threaded part) The felt material is the same as the interior of the Hood caps GK-54 to prevent scratching. Does anyone have any idea as to which one is "normal?" I'm wondering if one is a "fake" made by some OEM? or if the one from Delta International an "improved" version. I haven't tested taking pictures between the lens hoods, but just wanted to know what others GG-3 looks like.

Thanks In Advance.
Hi I have the GG3 Direct from Contax Uk and it has a felt like feel to the inside. Maybe it is just a later version. I only got mine in December 2003. Mart
Mine is from the black kit bought about four years ago. It is the same as you describe from Delta. The felt is to protect the lens when you store the cap on the lens by reversing it.

> Mine has felt also. Speaking of hoods, has anyone tried taking a silver hood cap and spray painting it black? I have a black G2 and am using 55mm clip-in caps on the hoods. They're OK, and cheap, but sort of ugly. I haven't been able to find black caps. Thanks.
re. caps:

How about the K51 SLR caps used on the AE lenses? They're black and say "Contax" and they won't be particularly expensive, because they're plastic.

Contax did make the black slip-on G hood caps for awhile, but I don't know whether they're stocked any longer. At something like $25 each, I wasn't all that tempted.

> Thanks for the suggestion. The K51 is $6.95 at B&H. I'm not tempted at $25 either, but they pop up on eBay sometimes. You know, I really like my G2, and that got me to buy an N1, which I also like, but Contax business practices astonish me. Why no black caps at sensible prices?
Youre right about Contax business practices. I finally received my owners manual for my G2. I called up numerous time to see ifthey received the check and if it was on the way. Every time the answer was the same, "Give us your number and we will have someone call you back." I'd still be waiting. And I can't see why their stuff like lens caps is so expensive. Give me a generic at $5.00 any day.
OK thanks for the replies. Looks like a valid point to have the felt in the hood to protect the lens when mounted in reverse for storage. So it looks like my old one may have had the felt removed - since no one seems to have one without the felt in it. I'll take a look around to see if they can just put the felt in the old one.