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Contax is giving up on the N digital?


New Member
I just read that Contax is giving up on the N digital. I suppose I should have known from the first. They cannot keep up.
Where did you read that charming piece of news? Hmm, how long do they have to keep parts for the ND?

If it is true, I hope they make a better film camera than the N1 to take all these VERY expensive N lenses I invested in.
> I do not own a digital camera, except for an early Pentax 3.2 mp model. In terms of Contax I have the G2, and I emailed Contax once about a possible digital G3, and the response I received (I was surprised to get a response) is that I would have to be prepared to pay about $3,000 for the camera body.

My other comment was that I suggested that Contax team up with Foveon and use a full frame Foveon chip for that G3.

I responded to Contax that if it could use a full frame high resolution chip (more than 6mp) I would buy the more expensive G3. The point is that I paid more than that for my Mamiya 7II with lenses, which such a camera would probably displace. At this point the $3,000 seems unnecessarily high.

Meanwhile, what I discern from the various posts is that Contax seems to be on the sidelines as far as a quality digital goes, other than a dressed up point and shoot.

Contax seems somehow to miss the point that its customers are willing to pay more for a superior and unique product. Contax has a different market than Canon, for ex&le.

It certainly seems that the owners of the NDigital are a determined group, and have pretty much figured out how to work around the issues with the camera. I cannot see how the TVS digital is going to satisfy anyone who really wants a true Contax. I am mystified why Contax is taking this approach after establishing such a valuable place in the market.

> Hi Richard!

I take great exception to your statement "Meanwhile, what I discern from the various posts is that Contax seems to be on the sidelines as far as a quality digital goes, other than a dressed up point and shoot" .

Yes, their ND has some problems. Take a look at all the digitals, and they all have some problems (Including Canon, Kodak, and Nikon!). But, the quality of the ND is unmistakable. And all film cameras have shortcomings! That is way digital cameras are gaining ground ... trying to circumvent film shotcomings!

> I am also asking for a substantiation of what article contained information on the ND rumour. I checked John's profile ... and he just came to the group 4 days ago ... and indicated NA in every field regarding his equipment, etc.

If the statementis accurate, then let us know what "article" supports the claim. Otherwise; I think that this is a possible "hit and run" on Contax.

Nothing is wrong, but Contax needs a modern
Flagship Pro SLR like the RTS to go with the N lenses. ...you know a F5 or EOS 1v type camera (I'm not holding my breath).

Kyocera is turning the brand into a consumer level camera company. If it won't compete in digital (that remains to be seen), and not offer the 35mm counter part to the Contax 645, it's going to sink into oblivion, at least for me.

Here's what they need IMO, A more sophisticated flash system that puts out an AF signal that a NEW, more AF sensitive camera can read in low light. Then make the 16 meg., full frame, digital back for it. That is what Leica just announced for the R camera (10 meg, 20X24 sensor separate back to fit the ROM Rs). One camera, film or digital.