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Contax N 70-300 lens. How to use ?


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Just acquired a Contax N1, and also the N 70-300 lens. There were no instructions with the lens. I have had it fitted to the camera, and have worked out the basics, which are obvious, and much like other makes re use, ie zooming, etc.
However, are there any points I should be careful about, so as not to cause any damage or malfunction ?
The lens has a Macro red dot on it, but as yet I have not fathomed out how the 'macro' mode can be initiated.
Any advice etc hopefully anticipated.
Hi Geordiefred!
Did you work the macro out ? .... Got mine today, it's looking excellent.
Ok zoom to 300mm, and focus as close as you can on an object. Now turn the zoom past 300 to the macro mark, it moves just past the 300 and clicks/locks into place. You will now find it will focus closer. Slick hey :)
And the sun is now comming ..... At last..... Enjoy...
9designs, Thanks for that. Simplicity itself. I will give it a try when I get out the camera. With the weight of the 70-300 lens I was wondering if a lens support might be useful, but I suppose Contax took all that into consideration when designing the camera, and the lens. Been looking for a P9 battery/grip, but they seem scarce.
I am glad I got the N1, as this week there are 3 x Contax RTS III for sale out Dale Photographic, Leeds. One was Mint - and priced just below £200 !! I might have been tempted to go for a III, if I had not bought the N1.
Hi, i picked up a P9 a while back.... After using the ND which has it built in I liked the vertical grip and second shutter release.
I had the RX before, RTSIII would have been nice to try.
Tried out the N1 with the 70-300 lens at the start of this week. Some weight in that lens. Only used colour neg. film to start with and waiting for the film to come back from the lab. Will probably use colour slide after that.
Also, thanks to your info 9designs, the macro mode is quite simple. The lens also had the Contax metal hood with it, which I believe you said were costly to acquire.
I know this is an old thread but I hope the OP enjoyed his lens. I still enjoy the quality of the 70-300, terrific lens for both portraiture and sports.
Resurrecting this thread!

Thanks to the post above showing how to select macro mode on the 70-300, must try that out!
Perhaps it's heresy to admit to on here, but my 70-300 came converted by Conurus to Canon EF. I have two N 24-85s also (a superb lens) and one is also converted for Canon use while the other stays on my N1.
I was enjoying my 24-85 last week on an N1 and ND.... such a versatile lens... how is it on a Canon?... I have 5D mk1... but no converted lenses.... if I could pick them up cheap enough I'd be tempted buy a few couple more and have them done... mainly the 70-300, possibly the 24-85... but I have the 24-105L with IS.. which is also nice.
It's fantastic on a Canon. I posted some pictures the other day, testing on a Canon 40D. I now have a 5D Mk III and it's a great combination. When I get the chance I'll post another picture(s) on this forum from the 5D Mk III. It's the lens that stays on my camera almost all of the time, and yet O have many other 'alt' lenses that I like to use.