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Contax N Digital Batteries

First post !!
Am looking for advice re batteries for the N Digital. Has anyone tried using standard AA bateries in place of NiMh rechargable batteries ?. Am wondering if the slight increase in voltage would cause problems ?.
An help will be much appreciated - thanks.


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Somewhere I thought I read it was set for rechargeable, so I wouldn't plus the rate it uses batteries I see no advantage, I use the biggest capacity rechargeable I could find.
Sorry for the late reply - been away. Yes, as introduced the N Digital was set up to use Ni-Mh batteries. I do understand that high capacity Ni-Mh batteries are available. However, I was speaking more from a convenience point of view. I use AA Li-Ion batteries for all of my other cameras and flash units. It would be nice if I could use them in the N Digital and save having to have a separate type of battery and the associated charger to go with them.
I have tried to find references online to someone saying they had actually done this. So far I can find only a reference to a review where a person recommended using the Contax external P-8D Power pack as a solution to the battery capacity problem. If they indeed did use this then it sort of answers the question as the P-8D uses four 1.5v D cells.
Finding any info on the N Digital is not easy - am still hoping someone can advise they tried standard AA cells with no problem re voltage.

If anyone has any interesting comments re the N Digital then please feel free - even if it goes off subject !.
Don't use normal batteries on N digital!!!!

I strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE normal AA batteries in Contax N digital. This causes severe malfunction. The shutter doesn't function normally any more, pictures are cut into small stripes with big dark areas between.
The N digital is a battery eater so you should use it with the highest capacity rechargeables you can afford. When N digital was introduced normal capacity was 1200 or 1500 milliampere. Meanwhile we can buy 2800 and stronger - and this enhances the number of shots you can do significantly.

Greetz, Hans
Hello Hans,

thanks for the update - in fact I have bought Powerex 2700 mAh rechargable batteries and these are fine. Pity this sort of capacity was not available at the time of the N Digital's release !!.
This is a great camera and I love it. I actually have two of them. Both went to Kyocera for full service and check over. I am not sure what to do with the second body - whether to keep it or sell it ??

Anyway, many thanks again for you help, much appreciated.



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On a similar note I put my ND rechargeables in the N1 power grip, and the camera battery symbol flashes on the lowest but one battery symbol. Camera works fine though.... Is the N1 only set for standard alkaline batteries ?

Enjoy playing with both of these, after a long time with the 5D....
I have an N1 - great camera and yes, the N1 is set up for AA batteries. However, if needs arise you can use re-chargeable batteries. I'm sure you will do no damage to the N1 doing this, the only thing is you will never get a full battery symbol showing voltage wise.
NiMH re-chargeable batteries are rated at 1.2v, AA Alkaline at 1.5v. If you multiply this by four batteries then you have 4.8v and 6v respectively. Even with fully charged NiMH batteries the N1 will never show full.

This is the problem I faced when asking about the N Digital except my problem was the reverse. My problem was would the difference between the voltage of AA batteries at 6v cause problems when the N Digital normally uses 4.8v. Funny but in the N Digital handbook it states don't use AA batteries as the capacity is not sufficient - there is no mention re voltage difference.

Either way if you own an N Digital you can't take the chance that something may go wrong - there's no replacement available !.


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Cheers.... only recently picked up the grip for the N1, and have camera bag packed with high capacity rechargeables for the ND !!...
The manual focus with the push button under your though for AF I think is just excellent idea, rarely use either any other way now....... Have it in portrait mode as well now is great.

Good to hear at least one other is still using the N system :) ....