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Contax NDII wishlist


We got the RX and the RXII, the RTS and the RTSII and RTSIII, I think it's time we get the NDII, right? And maybe (maybe) someone at Kyocera will hear about it.

From what I heard, this new, fabulous professional digital camera is a full-frame 14 megapixel marvel. It has provision for high capacity batteries. It can shoot 5 fps with no lag. It also has firewire support and top-notch software. It is much sturdier than the original ND, with an alloy body, much like the RTSIII's. Autofocus is much more responsive in low-light situations. There are also many accessories, such as 6 different focusing screens, external powerpacks, right-angle viewfinders, etc.

In addition, this new Contax will come with a raft of new gorgeous N-lenses, among which a Distagon T* 21/2.8N, Distagon T* 28/1.4N, Distagon T* 35/1.2N, Planar T* 135/2.0N, Aposonnar T* 180/2.8N, and Mirotar T* 500/8N. At least for a start. Some of them will even be manufactured in Germany.

Now, I just can't wait to hear what others know about this newest Contax.

Ahhh, if only the Charmed Ones were available to make this happen ...
The new contax is already here and it's called Canon. One thing I love about my G2 is it's simplicity of operation. The one thing that digital takes away by it's very nature is simplicity. Even my little point and shoot digital can become very complicated just to take a typical picture. White balance, choice of resolution, size of file, type of output (vivid, neutral, sharpening) at least with the G2 once I have loaded my choice of film I just go out and shoot. It seems to me as if Contax has tried the simple route with their cameras and that is their nitch and I like it. It will be very difficult to produce a digital that operates like a Contax film camera and still be a Contax. Dave
I agree David that is part of the charm of film and not having to use a computer unless you want to. I suppose it is horses for courses.
The wish list would have to include two simple changes for the NDII.
A preview screen that can be seen in all kinds of lighting conditions (like the Kyocera Finecam S5R)and a system for recording a jpeg file at the same time as taking a RAW image, so you could look at what you've just taken while using RAW.
Digital imaging is in many ways more complex than film, but so versatile and in running costs, cheap. Just don't blow out the highlights in an image.
Embrace new challenges - film is on the way out!
All I want is a new RAW Developer and new firmware for ND that would enable preview in RAW mode and make AF more reliable. Question with batteries will resolve itself pretty soon when 3000mAh cells hit the market.
Upon hearing about those stupendously glorious new NDII and them new lenses, my first knee-jerk reaction was, "What you been on?"

Now seriously, shooting 14MP at 5fps I don't think we will see a camera of such processing power until 2006 or later. By which time, DSLR offerings from Nikon and Canon will have beaten NDII senseless.

But who cares. Looks like film will stay around longer than the doom hastily handed out by many "early adopters." Each will do a different thing, and it will be a matter of choice.

All I want is a D35/1.4 (or D35/1.2 you say?) for N and I will be a happy, happy man. Now that's a request more reasonable than 14MP at 5fps, I believe.
What I want in the NDII are competitive features and a reasonable price. And a ship date prior to 2010!
I don't quite understand your comments (those shared by a good number of people) regarding the 'complexities' of digital cameras.

"White balance, choice of resolution, size of file, type of output (vivid, neutral, sharpening)..."

All of these parameters are, essentially, 'one-shot' deals. Set them once, and then forget about it. White balance can pretty effectively be set on Auto. Once there, it will do a better job of balancing for various light temps than you could do by changing films or gelling lights for proper color balance. Resolution? Leave it at the highest resolution. Sharpness - set it once at whatever's best for that camera, usually at a middle to low mark, and do the rest in software.

I've owned a few compact digitals, and also a Canon 10D. I've found that once you 'learn' one, the rest are very similar. But, in any case, i've not felt the need to adjust any of the parameters when shooting, except for the Color/B+W settings on the compacts.

I treat all of those digital settings in the same way as the various 'Custom' settings on pro-level SLRs. I mostly ignore them, except for a couple of 'set once' parameters, like the option to leave the film leader out.... These cameras CAN be as simple as you'd like them to be.

I fear that "raft of new N-lenses" would sink rapidly. A 35mm f1.2? Jeez. With the size of just a 50mm 1.4 in the N-mount, a 35mm faster than f2 would probably have to be HUGE. Personally, i would consider going back to the N1 if they did have a 35/2. As well, though, if the digital body they come out with DOESN'T have a full-frame sensor, they're going to have to have another wide-angle prime just to give us the equivalent of a 35mm prime. I'm not sure all of this is forthcoming, unfortunately.