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Contax Preview


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Hi everyone,

I just noticed that we'd completely missed the Contax Preview (and Preview II) from our listings. I've owned a Preview for some time and love it's quirky simplicity - a sort of brick with a shutter and C/Y mount really. It's a standard Polaroid (now Fuji Instant film) back with a mechanical shutter (as in the FX-3) and sighting is done via the top of the camera, requiring a RightAngle Finder to correct the inverted image. And there's no meter but as they're used principally in studios, not a problem.

With a bit of cunning, you can get 2 images on the film sheet - but it's still an awful waste of instant film as its the same size as you 'll find in a 6x7, 6x6 or 6x4.5 camera back. The Preview II has an updated shutter (more like the S2) with a higher speed but is essentially the same.

By the way, Forscher made an alternative Polaroid back which was much more versatile. I have one for my RTS and RTSII which replaces the standard film back, so you have all the facilities of metering and the full range of shutter speeds. They made 2 different versions, oneof which included a mechanical timer for the film.

Even better, I also have a dedicated Polaroid back for the RTSIII - greta fun.