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contax rtsii light meter


Hello everybody, i'm a new member!!!
I've recently bought a second hand RTSii with the zeiss 50mm 1.7.
I think the light meter has a problem because, on a very sunny day outdoor, at 400 iso with an aperture of f 16 in automatic, it gives me an exposure time of 1/30...Could anybody suggest something?
Thank you!!!
The first things to try are the contacts for the battery. If they are dirty this might have an effect.

Second, try a new battery.

Third, check all the settings. Is the exposure compensation dial set to something other than X1? This is the dial on the right-hand side of the top plate, traditionally where the shutter speed dial is on other cameras. This dial has the film speed settings on it, which are changed by lifting the knurled ring and twisting. Turning the dial without lifting the ring cause the exposure compensation to be altered.

I've just tried my RTSII and have found that I have a flat battery!

Hello Nick, thankyou for your answer!!!
The contacts are ok, no dirt or anything.I've put a fresh battery on.
The exposure compensation dial is on x1.
I don't know what to do.Any tips?
PS: If i set the ISO to 3200 does not change anything!!!
Do you have another lens? Or could you find a local camera dealer with a suitable lens? It doesn't have to be a Zeiss lens, as the Yashica ML lenses will fit, as will some other third-party lenses. The C/Y bayonet was around for twenty or thirty years, so there are plenty of lenses around.

This would prove, one way or the other, that there was something wrong with either the lens (a misaligned exposure pin), or the electronics.

First frame issue

This isn't a first frame issue is it, I recall that the RX II uses a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 of a second, for the first 2 frames after you open the back.