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Contax T3 vs Minox GTE


New Member
I am very interested in the T3 for quick snap shots and general purpose photos. I have a new Minox GT-E, but I find that with the full manual controls that I often miss shots.

The GT-E could not be better for quiet, discrete photography. Or could it?

I like the idea of the technology of the T3, but am I just spending for spendings sake?

Tanks (Thanks, too)


I've tried both and ended up selling my Minox (and three other cameras) to buy the T3. I found fumbling with the Minox's guesstimate focusing caused me to miss too many shots. Many of my shots are in low light conditions where zone focusing doesn't work well because of the wider F-stops' narrower depth of focus. In contrast, I never miss a shot with the T3 even though there is a slight shutter delay. I also notice discernable improvement in image quality using the T3's superior lens.

James C. Miller millerjamesc@earthlink.net


Active Member
Hi there!

I had the Minox some years ago and I changed to the T2 in 1992, because my Minox had severe technical problems and the lens produced flare. Allthough the T2 shows some vignetting the Sonnar is still much better, not only at full aperture, but also in sharpness and contrast. And AF brings perfect results in all conditions except foggy weather.