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Contax TLA 360



With the Contax TLA 360 on the C645, how do you program to fill flash in manual and Av modes? Do I simple reduce the f-stop on the flash or do I use the exposure compensation on the flash? Also when using exposure compensation in Av on the camera, does this effect the flash?

Thanks for the help!

"With the Contax TLA 360 on the C645, how do you program to fill flash in manual and Av modes?"

The user manual indicated that in non daylight situation, swith to AEL, it will be in slow sync. So background and subject will be evenly lited. In dayligth with the TLA360, fill flash is automatic implied. For me, in both situations, I use AEL regardless and get good results. The above mentioned methods work in Av and Tv modes. For manual mode, I guess you have to use the pre-flash TTL and figure out the correct exposure.

When you use the exposure compensation in Av or Tv mode, the flash output will be affect accordingly.
I can't remember what the left switch above the LCD screen in the TLA 360 flash is for?
It has two options:
>>! or normal

(! being the flash symbol)
Any help would be appreciated.
> Tristan I have an NX that has the same symbols wich is for second curtain flash synch and normal respectively. On second curtain the flash fires at the end of the exsposure.

When the TLA 360 is used with an extension cord off the Contax 645, it loses the ability to automatically transfer the F number, the lens focal length, and the ISO number. Seems that this is because the extension cord has only 3 pins instead of 5 pins on the flash. Does anyone know why Contax do not provide an extension cord with full automatic transfer or is there a third party cord that can be used. Thank you for any advice.
You can use the Canon 5 pin Off camera TTL extension chord which will work. Contax doesn't make one unfortunately.
Almon Thank you. I have tried once before the Canon 5 pin extension cord that I use with the EOS system (both 1V and 10D). It can do TTL with Contax 645 successfully but still no transfer of the F number or the ISO data. Maybe I have to try again. It is a small inconvenience to have to change the F number on the flash. Thank you.
There is a Contax TLA Extension Cord 100SS cord that you can connect the TLA 360 to the 645 body and have full use of TLA 360 TTL functions, the Canon cord doesn't always work because the contacts and pins don't line up perfectly. Or try the Contax TLA Extension Cord 100S, but I'm not 100% sure on the connections.
Just purchased a 645 with the 360 flash. I'm having a heck of a time getting it to expose properly in TTL Mode. Closer subjects are all overexposed. So far the only thing that seems to work is pre-flash and adjust throught the exposure compensation dial. Isn't the flash supposed to compensate automatically in TTL mode? I'm really struggling with this, can anyone help?