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Contax TVS Digital



The TVS Digital is in Germany already in the stores. But I have not seen yet any s&le pictures...
>By ming ting
>Does anyone know how the TVS Digital
>compares to the to be released
>Cybershot V1 by Sony? It seems the
>Sony (5MP)also has a CZ Vario Sonnar
>lens that seems a tad bit faster
>and a longer zoom?

The CZ lens on a Contax TVS Digital is a T* lens. The one on the Sony V1 is not a T*. Therefore, I would expect that the TVS Digital has an edge over V1 as far as the lenses are concerned. But since both cameras are not on the market yet. We may have to wait until someone who can get hold of both cameras and do a comparison. Anything at the moment is only a wild guess.

Best regards,

K. Tse
Dirk, I was in Japan this weekend. Although the TVS digital is released there, all the shops I visited had none in stock: only 2 or 3 per shop were available and sold out to people that had reserved the camera. It will take many more weeks before regular supply is available. Are you sure the TVS digital is regularly available in German stores??
... I just saw one in the window of a shop in Frankfurt/Germany. Since they placed it in the window, I do not think that it was an already reserved model for a client.

They are already available at eBay! The lowest offer I saw was € 800,-

Saturn have them on display in Düsseldorf. Only problem was the battery was dead!
I got mine 4 days ago.

The color is perfect.
The white balance is perfect.
The noise is well controlled. (much better than my Sony F707)
The images are very sharp.
The exposure is good.
The AF speed is OK.
The Firmware is OK.


The saving time is long.
The zooming is noisy.
The lens is not fast enough.

I second Frank Kwok's comments on the TVS Digital. I've also had mine for about a week. Am extremely happy with it. Will post some s&le pictures soon - don't look for artistry, just the quality.

On another subject, travelling "light", I don't consider my N1 a "lug". However, if I really did want to travel light, I'd bring my TVSII for film and the TVS Digital and I'd be fine. The quality of the TVSII is what made me dump all of my Nikon gear in the first place and go back to Contax after many years. I always felt that the Contaflex I had took better pictures that any of the gear I had since then. My return to Contax and Zeiss was the smartest thing I've done in a long time. The cameras aren't perfect, but then, what is?