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Contax TVS III



Hi Dirk,
I am just thinking of buying a TVSIII, can you give me some comments about this camera or direct me to some users/owners comments.
Many thanks
> The TVSIII is as nice a point and shoot as you can buy, certainly the nicelst that includes a zoom. While a little heavy and somewhat reluctant to focus in poor lighting conditions, the results can be outstanding. I've had mine for several years and take it
In my opinion TVSIII is a mistake. Controls are way to small and hard to reach. The "new" improvements on the lens cover just ask to be broken and snapped off. It's a plain rip off from original Contax T which became a "cult" camera. Probably the only thing that is nice about TVSIII is a very informative viewfinder. I still regret not fixing my TVSII and trading it in for TVSIII. Don't get me wrong it is a nice looking camera and a real eye candy but functionality wise it is a failure.

Hi Paul,

I own an TVS III for a half year. Before I own first an RTS II and after that an ARIA. I sold my ARIA because I now own also DV Camcorder ( to film my daughter, photos sometimes are not enough). I was really hard to sell the ARIA, but I'm really satisfied with the TVS III. The photo quality is really the same. You have a very fast possibility for exposure compensation. Aperture priority is available. The controls are small, but easy to use (already for my not to small fingers). The high aperture will normally also no problem. I use a Kodak Portra 400 NC and can't find any differences between this and a Portra 160 NC.
The lens cover is solid and you will normally have no problems with it. You just have to close it and do not carry the camera open. But this is a problem you will have with any camera. I've multiple times problems with my ARIA. One time I had a flash mounted the camera was falling down on to the flash.Normally with a metal body no problem if the ground is not too hard, but the carbon body of the ARIA was broken. So what I want to say is, that you have to take care for your camera.

But you have some little restrictions:

- you have only 30 - 60 mm. I missed about 20 addtional mm, this is normally enough for portraits. Also a macro mode will be fine.

- the flash is fixed, so you don´t have the possibility for indirect flashing

So try it and you will miss your SLR not often.

i am looking to replace my trusty yashika T4 with something that will give me a bit more reach, lens wise. it's for my second northern trans alaska walk, and i'll never shoot a flash picture with it. i am very happy with the quality of my kodochrome 200's coimng out of the T4. do we all think a tvs111 will be as stout as that old T4?
and no, i can't afford any more weight. i'm old. and a full crossing in one season requires a very light load. it seems the tvs will already cost me a couple of ounces (ounces matter).
my camera MUST NOT break without just cause.
so, just for sweeping panoramas, and an occasional caribou, wolf, ... bear.... yeow
the bears always look too small in the 28mm T4 pictures (size matters)

peter v.
Apparently, Kyocera has come out with the Yashica T4 Zoom, which I believe contains a Zeiss Tessar 28-70mm/f4.5 lens. See www.kyocera.com for the details. I think there a couple of places sellnig it for an "introductory" price of $199.
I asked a local authorized dealer about the T4 zoom and they said they won't be getting it until october and november and that they don't
know the retail price. I saw online that costelectronics is one of the sellers that is doing the introductory price of 199. I called them and they said they would be getting a shipment in a few days. Do you think these introductory offers is legit? Personally having
a G2 and a T3 the 28mm would be nice to have in a portable camera.
I'm interested to have a P&S camera with Zeiss lens. Is the new Yashica T4 a good choice? How about the quality of the T4's lens compared with that of TVSIII? How about the fuction and performance of T4? The shuter speed 1/300 sec. seems too slow, any comment!

>the 28-70 4.5-8 lens on the T4 zoom turned me off from ordering this >camera. I wanted the 28 wideangle as it would supplement my T3 but I'm not >sure now.
ming, what's th problem with this 28-70 4.5-8 lens? Is the aperture 4.5 too small or the lens quality not good?