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Contax TVS vs. TVSII

Yes, I dropped my T2 the first day I got it onto a tiled floor. This = was years ago and there was no damage whatsoever much to my relief. It = is a wonderful camera and has been in regular use ever since.

I am wondering if there is a really big difference between the TVS and the TVSll. I have seen some attractive prices for the TVS lately and since I am not using my G1, like a smaller size, but would like to have a bit more variety of lens options than my T3 I thought a TVS might fit the bill. Just wondering if it is worth seeking a TVSll should I decide on a purchase.


Joel Stern
Idon't see a big difference between the tvs and tvsII (apart from lack of panorama, not so important in any case, and motorized lens cap.)
I have been using my TVS for more than 4 years and it's the camera I use most.
Very well balanced and very sharp pictures. I would go for the TVS
> I am wondering if there is a really big difference between the TVS and > the TVSll.

The TVS II viewfinder is significantly brighter, and it is also missing the little "knob" on the zoom lense. I don't know how that knob effects operation though.

TVSII, some people believed that, is the simplified model of TVS. TVS has more electronic than TVSII. However, the viewfinder is tooooo dark in TVS. By the way, I love tvs very much due to the maunal zoom control.
Since the TVS has no auto-lens-cover so the knob can indicate the camera is on or off. I do love the camera have the knob. However, TVS and TVSII carry the same lens.
[I just grabbed a TVS at a very low price in the past 2 months. I have not found the viewfinder to be too dark. Granted my 6006, RB67, Kiev 60, Contaflex, Zoommate 90, and even my elph all have brighter viewfinders. But really think about it, I use the view finder only to help with composition, I can see the details of my subject with my own eyes. I personally like the lens cap, and filter mounting on the TVS and am loving that camera.]
I'm new to the list and recently picked up an original TVS. I'm shooting with it but I'd like to learn more about the manual capabilities. Does anyone know of a good resource on using the manual settings on the camara? I'm a complete novice and haven't been shooting for quite some time. Any help is absolutely appreciated!!

What would be a good price on a TVS (1) these days? I have found some that are supposed to be either store demo's or reconditioned cameras, showing little if any wear for about $450 US, maybe a tad less. Is this a fair price? The TVS ll was much more, about $570, and I didn't see any real advantage for the extra money.


Joel Stern
I bought my TVS for $335 locally. I don't think I would pay much more than that for a 35mm right now.