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I'm very much aware of x-raying film at the airport but I wasn't prepared for what just happened to me coming from Mexico last week. I was on a bus and when we got to the US border the Customs person told us to get off the bus and pass by immigration. The bus would meet us on the other side. Just after I got past customs I learned they were scanning the bus with X-radiation. I almost died. I left all my film and cameras on the bus thinking it was safe. I tried to get a supervisor to let me take my film off the bus (couldn't get too demanding with the US customs people or they could really make life hard for me). But I was too late. 50 rolls of film were already scanned. 30 (100 speed); 15 (400 speed) and 5 (1600 speed).

I planned to rush process one roll of 400 speed film at a 1 hour lab. Ever try to get a roll of color film processed after 3 PM in El Paso? Really laid back city. Tried two places....They shut the processor down by 2:30 for the night.

That night was hard sleeping as my next plan was to leave El Paso at 8 AM and drive to Carlsbad caverns and look for a 1 hour lab along the way. 3 hours of driving and I didn't even see a house.....just desert! Finally got to Carlsbad Caverns and they told me there was a 1 hour photolab 20 miles down the road at Wal Mart's. So I spent another hour and a half round trip......

Well the 400 speed film looks okay. A little edge fog, but that's it. The 100 speed should be okay and the 1600 speed wasn't exposed yet. I'll just toss it out.

Live a learn.