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Contemplating a Contax RTS?


New Member
hi everyone I am looking for some direction. My Dad owns a Contax so I started to research them. Have fallen head over heals for the cameras & lens! Just bought a Canon before I started to look into Contax. Although I bought my very first SLR 3 weeks ago in the form of an EOS 1N and an Ellan 7 and a stock lens 28-80 Canon, I still want to get into Contax. However should I go N body path, or an AX or RX? Would I be wiser for my money and get the older MF bodies of RTS l/ll/lll or Aria. This considering the lens costs and the body?

Lastly where would be some of the best online Bulk film (100' roll)? I am interested in decreasing my fim expense too?

Thanks a lot for any replies