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Could you give me an advice


Good day!
My name is Maksim.
I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

I have bought camera Nikon D200. And now I'm choosing a good camera lens. I'd like to ask you. Could you give me an advice, which camera lens is better for making pictures of landscapes and telephotolens for making pictures of animals?
I'll be very thankful, if you answer me.

Best regards,
Maksim Kolotun
Hello Maksim

I am using as well a D200 and using a AFS 17-55 DX f/2.8 for normal shots. For a tele I would recommend a 70-200 AFS (which is one of the best lenses IMO).

Of course these two lenses are not real consumer priced optics - but especially the tele, is available on the second hand market in good conditions for acceptable prices.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.

kind regards from Paris

Tough call. Everyone is going to have their favorites.

I love my 18-200, my 12-24 Tokina, my 50mm, just starting to work with my 70-300 and 80-200

The 18-200 stays on the camera the most right now. It's a very good, multi-purpose lens. Most folks swear by them.

Right now if I had to get rid of all but one lens, I would keep the 18-200 … it just covers so many ranges.

I have consider purchasing the 17-55 as it gets great reviews, but as noted, it's not a cheap lens

Just ordered a 105 for marco stuff. I can't wait to get it.

Maksim –

Your choice of lenses depends mostly on your budget, I would imagine. Even Nikon's least expensive new DX lenses are perfectly satisfactory. I would say that you should by lenses with vibration reduction, because, combined with the faster speeds that digital allows, you have much greater flexibility to dispense with your tripod if you choose. Although not one of their cheaper lenses, it's hard to avoid recommending the excellent new Nikkor 18-200 VR, if you can find one, for your landscape work. It will stay on your camera longer than any other lens, it is very well-matched in size and weight to the D200, and help you avoid the dust-on-sensor problem

you can get from switching lenses too often. If you can afford it, another mid-priced Nikkor, the 80-400 VR, will give you pretty good wildlife-snapping ability. Those are the two lenses I carry most of the time.

Geof Burbidge, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
Invest in very good glass, bodies change every now and then, 17-35 2.8, 28-70 2.8 70-200 vr 2.8 and if able 12-24 for extra wide thats all you need.
My choice of lenses over the last three and a half years have been the Sigma HSM 10-20mm and the Nikon AFS 18-200mm V.R.
I found they covered 99% Of my needs for landscape and wildlife.
Only on very rare occasions did I carry my 105mm macro or longer telephoto/ tele-zoom lenses when I thought they would possibly be needed for a particular shoot.

I cannot re commend too highly the Nikon 70-300 VR
as I have just been testing the VR against a tripod at 1/10th sec
at the 70mm and the 300mm focal lengths so it is very versatile.
a 50mm comes in handy