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CZ lens


New Member
Can someone tell me the difference between "n" lens and other labels. I just bought a CZ vario-sonnar 28-80 and can't find an adaptor to me 5d2. Yet I have other CZ lens that work with an adaptor.
Thanks for your time and effort.


Hi davidhm

If the Zeiss 28-80mm you refer to is N mount (it will have a switch on the lens for AF/MF), then you cannot buy an adaptor to use it on your 5D MkII, however, even better, you can send it to Bo-Ming of Conurus who will, for a not insignificant sum, convert the lens to Canon mount.

He has developed software/firmware and a small microprocessor that is fitted within his meticulously manufactured and assembled canon mount conversion and this allows the lens to act as a native Canon lens with full autofocus, open aperture metering, EXIF info etc.

That is, of course, if the lens hasn't already been converted.

Hope that helps.

Regards, Piginho