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D2X vs D70



The D70 is certainly not a pro body and lacks some pro features but the image quality of the D70 stands shoulder to shoulder with the d2x based on the reviews so far available and my comparisons of test shots.

Therefore, if image size is not an issue then th D70 will be hard to beat. BTW I've now bought my D70 Kit, my little gem at a bargain. Any views?


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Well, you say it yourself, don't you: D70 is certainly not a pro body, and many of the features that are missing are essential to a working photographer. Image size matters too. For commercial purposes, photos often have to be cropped, blown up to poster size etc. You don't always know that when you take the picture.

This is one of the dilemmas with digital photography: in the "old" days, yo u could chose a film for each job, and even keep a reasonably priced spare body with another film. Now, you buy the film when you buy the camera, and a spare body, at least on this level, costs almost as much as a complete setu p used to do.

Apart from that, the D70 is an excellent camera.


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I just bought a D2H and I own a D70. Now I know that the talent behind the camera is one of the most important elements in photography there is. But...with all things being equal....I am spoiled by the D2H....the amazing focusing ability...White Balance that is almost always dead on in auto mode....And the speed.

I can shoot a burst at 8fps on a moving subject....and if my panning technique is good, I can come home with a lot more keepers than my D70 could ever muster.

I am keeping my D70....it really is an awesome camera....but with all things being equal in the user....The D70 is like driving a 1979 Corvette around the track.....and the D2H is like driving the newest 05 Z06 Corvette. Both are awesome....but one will get most everybody around the track a whole lot quicker.

With that said....the D2X has to be pretty awesome as well.....and in the same comparison peramiters.



There is no doubt that in some depts the pixel count matters but I'm almost convinced that such departments are very few. From my various experiments with digital capture and what I've read elsewhere, any pro quality camera with 4mp and over is excellent for 20" x 30" and good for A0 size. The fact is that no one ever views such image sizes at 100% magnification when printed but at 24% (so my PS says). I have displayed in my living room such ex&les captured with my then D2H.

The D2x have several features opposed to the D70 but in my view such features are an over-kill which many will never put to good use (e.g., the gps, in-camera cropping etc). Keeping the debate to image quality, a cropped size d2x image shot at 200 ISO is difficult to tell from which of the two cameras such images came from. I cant tell, nor can you distinguish such images from that captured by the d2H. I think the d2hs will have a strong appeal when the masses realise that it is not exactly the pixel count that matters.

For some of us The d70 which I've updated with the latest firmware B1.03 is a good companion to my F5+MB28. With the new release of the Velvia 100 film, analogue seem to have a future in photography despite all the digital hype. Press photographers certainly have no choice but to go digital, others like myself who are involved in contemplative photography as Larry put it, will find it difficult to abandon analogue camera, in fact I am seriously considering the Medium format Fuji (multi-format with tilt/shift features). Is there anyone who owns this equipment in that there's hardly any review of it.