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Darktable users?


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HI All,

I've cut the cord with Adobe & now learning Darktable - if any of you use it & have hints n tips you've picked up along the way you can pass on please?

I installed Darktable, Rawtherapee, and ART (Another Raw Therapee).

Of the three, found ART the easiest to use. I've used Lightroom since V3 and Photoshop since V3 was bundled with the Kodak DCS200.

ART uses standard format DCP files for profiles. I copied the ones from Lightroom to it. That worked.
I'm going to post a link to the discussion on RFF about Darktable, Art, and Rawtherapee.

I have some instructions for moving Lightroom profiles to ART and RT, how to bring them up.

If this is against the rules= just delete it.

When Simon ran DPReview, doing this could get you banned. I know first hand. Even if you sent the link in a PM, when it was requested.

I will be happy to tune into this thread, but spent some time on the above thread figuring things out.
Darktable does not use the DCP profiles, uses DLL files for most everything. Coming from Lightroom, I found ART much more intuitive- Both using it, and seeing how it worked.
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