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Daylight fillin flash OM1

I have an OM-1 and Auto 310 flash unit. I would like to figure out how to set up the flash (auto or manual) for daylight fill-in flash. Should I set the exposure as a regular daylight shot and turn on the flash unit or instead set up the exposure as a normal flash-only shot???????.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Thank You guys


New Member
A starting point: Determine the manual exposure you need, such that the shutter speed is slower than or equal to the sync speed (1/60) Then if the aperture is 5.6, 8, or 11, set the auto 310 setting to auto at 1 f-stop lower, 4, 5.6, or 8. The flash auto output should be about 1 stop less than the exposure setting in the camera. The trick is to get an F-stop and shutter speed in the range limited to the above. If you want less fill, the difference in camera F-stop needs to be higher than the 310 auto F-stop, while still keeping the shutter at 1/60 or slower.