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Depth of field on Leica 3570 vario lens



I recently purchased a R6.2 and a Vario-Elmar 1:4/35-70 lens. One thing that is missing on the lens is the depth of field scale that is included on most lenses. The instructions state that the depth of field information can be obtained from leica's depth-of-field table # 920 003. I have searched the leica site and it is not there. I've also tried searching the web with no luck.

Does anyone know where I can download it or perhaps have a photocopy or scan I could have?


<<One thing that is missing on the lens is the depth of field scale that is included on most lenses.>>

Has it rubbed off, or was it never there? I'm really surprised that nobody seems to have the information.

I wish I could help, but I've never had this lens.
Rubbed off? No, there is no depth of field scale engraved (or whatever)on this lens. Sometimes depth-of-field tables were on auction at www.ebay.de, I don't know if these are the requested tables.
Giap Tan
Dear Mike,

There is considerable material in books and on the web for calculating the hyperfocal distance of any focal length / aperture combination. One can then establish the depth of field from that calculation.

Nevertheless, my experience with the 1:4/35-70 Vario-Elmar-R is the helical focusing mount is so steep, unlike the earlier lenses, that in practice it is not possible to accurately apply any depth of field scale.

I have a booklet published by Leitz some years ago which provides depth of field charts for all its then fixed focal length lenses. If you are interested I am happy to scan the focal lengths from 35mm to 70mm for you.

Best wishes,

Justin Scott
>Justin, would this (possible inaccuracy) be the explanation of why Leitz >or any other manufacturer might not provide DOF scales on their lenses? >It's always puzzled me as to why it's on some of my lenses and not others.
Dear Francis,

One can only speculate, but I suspect that is the reason. In thirty five years of Leica photography I have only used the depth of field scales engraved on the M lenses of 50mm and under. Another inaccuracy is that Leica assumes a circle of confusion of 1/30mm which is fine for 8" x 10" prints and projection to 1,5m square, however when enlarging or projecting on a greater scale, as I do, that measurement is meaningless.

Incidentally you are not the Francis Ebury who lived in Melbourne in the eighties are you?

Yours sincerely,

Justin Scott


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