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Digital Rebel and Minolta Auto Meter 1V F


New Member
I am trying to use a Digital Rebel for portrait photography, however, my meter and this Rebel do not match. I figured out when shooting at ISO 400 I needed to drop my meter to ISO 200. I have since found that no ISO is satisfactory above ISO 100 on the Rebel. So I commenced my testing once again. This time I can not find the sweet spot. Every time I believe I have found the sweet spot my photos come out over or under exposed. Can someone help me out with a ratio or experience in this matter…thanks Todd.
Todd your post inspired me to check the accuracy of the 300D's built in flash meter because I have always relied on my Minolta IVF. As you said, ISO 100 is close 300D f/2.0 vs. IVF f/2.06. Then ISO 200 gets much worse with 300D f/2.0 vs. IVF f/2.89. At ISO 400 shows 300D f/2.0 vs. IVF f/4.07. The lens I used for this test was a Canon 100mm f/2 and I determined that you should trust the meter readings from your IVF and only shoot in Manual mode when using the 300D built-in flash. I hope this helps