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Digital Tool for Printing


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Does anybody have any experience w/ a program (hopefully inexpensive) that will create printer profiles to match my monitor???

I know Panavision has one. Any others?


Hi Michael,

I've used Monaco EZ Colour - I paid about £400 just over a year ago. It may be cheaper now.

Also, there is Gretag Macbeth which I believe has been recently reduced in price to around £250.

If you try the following:


you will be able to see a review of these products.

Cheers, Saras
Here are the US links to PrintFix and the suite together w/ Spyder 2. I ordered it this week-end with the new Spyder 2 monitor calibrator, and the suite price is pretty sweet
. I should be getting them I hope by week's end. I'll post some comments once I get to use them with my new Canon i9900 that I got this week-end.



The i9900 prints beautiful prints, a bit better than my Kodak dye-sub 8500 printer, both color and greyscale. Takes about 70 seconds for an 8.5 x 11 sheet, including sending the file to the printer. I'm waiting for the 13x19 paper to get here.