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Diopter lens source for the 21mm Biogon



Posted by Dan Marder on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 9:35 pm:

Any suggestions regarding a diopter lens source for the 21mm Biogon
finder? Most are pre-mounted, and break when trying to remove the
unwanted frame. I'd want about a +.5 lens.

> Dan, I have seen and read a link (under the reference of "Hacker") in another Contax website, most probably the Contax G > pages, where a Japanese Contax user has "performed surgery" on the > viewfinder of his 21mm Biogon for the G2. He managed to take off the > rubber eyepiece on the viewfinder, and slip a correction lens (is it F-2, > or something like that ? I have two, but can't remember the exact Contax > part number for them) under where the eyepiece goes, against the glass of > the viewfinder proper. Then he put the rubber back on top, with a little > rubber cement, and the result was a diopter-changed 21mm viewfinder. If I > can find the reference again, I will post it.