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DMC L1 impressions


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I've been eying the L1 for a while now, mostly because of my perception of the camera handling - I like the aperture ring on the lens and the shutter speed dial on the body. Call me old fashioned, but it's so much easier to use than having to twirl multi-function dials while pressing little buttons etc. And I've come to really like image stabilization too (who hasn't?).

Well, the prices are starting to come down and the L1 with lens can be had for around $1300 - $1500, getting close to affordable for me.

Can anyone report on their impressions of the camera and lens?
Comparisons between the viewfinder of the EVOLT line and the L1...
Comparisons between the awesome 14-54mm Zuiko lenses and the Leica glass would be helpful...
Image quality compared to the EVOLT system with which it shares so much (I assume it is quite similar to the E-330 if you use RAW format)...

I'd love to hear from anyone on the list who has experience with the camera!

- marc
The viewfinder box in the L1 is the E330 viewfinder box - straight from Olympus. So if you like the viewfinder on the E330, you'll like it on the L1, and if you don't...Keep in mind that the live view function is definitely better on the E330, in that the viewing screen swivels - and it doesn't on the L1.