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Does D80 handle 8 GB SDHC memory cards


New Member
I tried a new SDHC 8 GB card with my D80, but it didn't work. Is this my cards problem, or a general D80 problem? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Hace you tried formatting it in FAT16 in a common card reader before taking a photo? I don't own SDHC cards, but I'm pretty sure the D80 supports cards like your 8 GB.
Thanks for the instant reply.
I actually formatted the card using windows XP on my PC, but inside the camera (connected by its USB cable).
The D80 manual states that two particular makes of SDHC 4 GB cards have been tested on the D80. I assummed that ANY SDHC card should work, but was wrong.
I just wonder whether some authorized Nikon representative or Nikon employee happens to follow this discussion, and can give us an official solution to the problem.

On a similar topic, does anyone know whether the newer CF cards with capacities of 4GB and above are compatible with the D70? Any particular model / brand i should get, or avoid?

I find I never have any problems with the Lexar brand CF cards besides they tell you right on the card what speed they are like "133 etc" with the SanDisk or some of the other brands one never knows what speed they are. I have a D100 and all CF cards seem to work with it so I don't see why they shouldn't work with a D70.

I always buy "Lexar" brand CF cards and never have any problems with them, besides they tell you right on the card what speed they are like "133 etc" with SanDisc or some of the others one never knows the speed as far as I can tell. I have a D100 and never had a problem using any cards so I dont know why they shouldnt work with a D70.