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Does the Zeiss 21mm require an extra thin UV fliter



... or can I buy a regular contax or B+W multi coated UV filter? Btw, is a contax filter much better then a B+W filter?

> > Why does Contax not make a lens shade for the 21mm lens ? > > >
There is no lens hood for the 21mm, because it should have been so wide, that it would block the AF sensors of the G-body.
Best to use a thin filter for this lens. B+W make a most excellent multi-coated thin UV filter for this purpose, I have not noticed any problems. I haven't tried a regular filter but probably wouldn't work that well. Regarding the hood, yes a hood any bigger than the filter mount (which is supposed to double as a micro hood(!)) would block AF sensors. The G21, however, doesn't need a hood. I have used it on many occasions, directly into sunlight and at high altitude, with zero flare! Trust the glass and the T* coating.
First, the original filter can be used on G21 without any problem (chk this by taking photo at the minimum aperture).
As Pato Maco said, the flare is well controlled even direct point to sun light..

I have G21 for more than 4 years and it is my mostly use lens.
>=20 >=20 >=20 > In lieu of a lens shade, I have been advised by a Japanese Contax website > (whose url I have regrettably forgotten) to use a stepup ring and employ= 58mm > filters to avoid vignetting and provide a little bit of shading. Will th= e > slightly larger filters block the camera=B9s focus sensors? The 21 is so w= ide, > I tend to zone focus anyway. >=20 >=20 >=20
i use a 67mm heliopan brass step up ring adapter -- works as a hood too. i also drilled a large hole in it so that i could use a polarizer. of course you can kick down for the leica version for $225 but this works just as well.