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DP1 & DP2 ~ What is their life expectancy ?


New Member
I've recently bought a new DP1, the original version, so I assumed it must be old stock. I used to have an SD9, which I sold after after a couple of years. Since then I've missed the quality of the images it recorded so I've bought a DP1. I'm now tempted to buy a DP2, but what are the opinions on these cameras regarding their life-span? I've read a few posts in various places detailing camera failure and even shoddy customer support from Sigma. Am I right to feel a little concerned over the robustness and longevity of the DP series?
I can only speak to my DP1...that I have had since...Ha..Nov. 22, 2008...exactly 3 years ago...been going strong ever since...even have the original batteries that still hold a great charge...

The only issue I have had with my DP1 is that it will drain the batteries if you leave it in the camera...this was fixed in the DP2...but easily overcome by taking the batteries out while not in use...

I would not have an issue getting a DP2...but I would shoot for a DP2s just because it has the trueII engine....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thanks again, Tony. I can't help but see your reply and the fact that your DP1 is a fit and healthy three years old (exactly) as altogether a very good omen.

As regards the DP2/DP2s, do you find that the TrueII engine makes a significant difference to the images captured?

I'll remember the tip about taking out the batteries from the DP1 when not in use. I noticed that the first charge depleted surprisingly quickly.

All the best,
TrueII has faster write times to the card....so you can snap a few more pictures....

Tony C.