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Dual Range Summicron


I recently purchased a Dual Range 50 Summicron with the eyes. I cannot seem to get the eyes to mount on the lens. Also, when I rotate the focus ring to the nearest focus, I am not sure what to do next to get it to focus closer as it moves to that metal tab which is there. I can pull the barrel out a little and get it past the tab but it won't rotate any further. What am I doing wrong here?
The lens won't focus unless the specs are mounted. There's an interlock which prevents it. Put the lens on your body, then hold the specs "pinched" by their grips (easier done than said) and offer them up straight and firm. Push CAREFULLY and the specs should mount, then the lens will focus.


I had a similar problem with a 35mm Summaron f/3.5. I was about to use a hammer on it, or maybe a large brick, when I discovered the "trick". Turn the focussing ring to the infinity position, which unlocks the release button.
Regarding me previous posting: Oops! Seems the DR Summicron works differently from the 35mm Summaron. Looks like the Cameraquest link has the real scoop.
Dear Kevin,

Here are the original Leitz instructions:


E-mail me off-Forum if you would like a better copy.

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If my memory serves me then it works something like this (from my reading; I do not have the lens): before you mount the specs you have to focus the lens at the closest non-closeup distance. There is a lug on the lens that prevents close-range focusing unless the specs are mounted, and prevents long-range focusing while they are on. If you can't get it to work, I have detailed instructions in "The Leica Book" that I could email you later (I don't have it accessible right now).

My email address is: reynolds@ich.uct.ac.za
If it helps , when I bought my DR I had to unscrew a little palstic cilinder the eyes had . This little piece prevented the eyes to enter the lense fully because it hitted the camera first (M6). It is fixed to the eyes with only one screw and it is very easy to take off or reinstall. Only when I took it off the eyes went inside completly and the DR worked at close range. It seems the M3 must be a little different in dimensions and the cilinder was there to give more stability to the eyes. Mariano
Mariano is right(as they say nowadays"correct"). The removal of the cylinder is neceaasry for the later "M" models but will have no affect on using again on the M3. There are some cases, however, where the close-focusing seems to bind up a bit on the M6s. If yours is one of those, type in the problem on "google" or other comprehensive search engine and you will find a solution posted on some of the LEICA forums. It's an easy fix, so they say, as long as you take adaquate precautions.