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Easter Sky Time Lapse


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Over the evening of April 11th/12th, storms came through and Sunday's sky was busy with cumulus clouds giving it just another try. I shot this time lapse with my SD14 on my Orion TeleTrack Mount which is used to create a slow and medium speed pan while shooting. This time my hair stayed out of view, but the limiting factor this time was the batteries. From a full charge of two Sigma BP-21s in my Sigma Power Grip, I was able to go 2,147 exposures, one every 5 seconds for 179 minutes.

Here is my setup:

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and my trick to have the Orion TeleTrack run a slow pan for hours is to set the Rate to 1 or 2 and use a plastic clamp to keep the button pressed:

View attachment 1466

This link will take you to my video on Vimeo:

After the Rains


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This one looks good...I like this one better...like the contrast as the clouds go over....also the movement of the animals and people make it more realistic....very nice work...and thank you for all your indepth expliantions...

Tony C.
Very cool Steaphany,
Have you seem the movie Baraka? It reminded me of that.
Hi Steaphany,

Great time lapse! Great performance out of that set of batteries. Moreover, I like the production.

I look forward to the future videos.