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ELMARIT 2821mm ASPH Will hood stil fit on front of lens when therebs a filter



Was curious to know if anyone had this lens, and if a filter (slim of course) could be used simultaneously with the hood.

Not only in terms of practical purposes (will the hood still be able to click on the front of the lens), but also if you had any vignetting when doing so.

Would seem odd if there were any vignetting as the filter seems from what I've seen to more or less "cover" the front part of the lens at top and bottom.



Guess you may have had this answered by now.

I have a standard UV filter on my 21 and the hood goes on no problem. Don't have any vignetting problems and it's not a slim filter.

Only thing to watch out for is the rubber lens cap that clips onto the front of the hood - it tends to fall off! I've now lost mine after only a few months.

It's not a big deal as the hood and filter protect the lens quite well.



Have had the answer since then, but thanks anyway.

One thing however that has bothered me is the external 21mm/24mm/28mm viewfinder. Had imagined that what I was seeing through it was in fact less than in reality, as is the case with the camera viewfinder.

But it's the opposite!

I learned the hard way as some really fantastic nightshots I did had the fountain in the foreground with it's head cut off.

Next time will be ready for this.


I use filters for B&W landscape photography on my 21mm f:2.8 asph and can't see problems.
Consider that I use only Tri-X films and only shoot in B&W, so I can't tell you about colours.
P.S. The filters I use are B+W slim filters.