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Elmarit 28mm f28 r first type


Well-Known Member
I have recently found a very nice first version of the 28mm Elmarit. Can any one help me on this. It is quite a bit cheaper than the second version but clearly there is a problem with the first type using filters as I believe these have to fit inside the lens hood. Im particularly interested in how it compares practically with the newer version.
Richard Marks


Dear Richard,

By first version do you mean:

1965 with protruding rear element

1972 which is very similar, ut retrofocus for the metering cell of the M5.

By newer version do you mean:


1992 - current.

The four have noticeably different characteristics.



Well-Known Member
I had this version for a while. I found the filter issue to be minor, provided you have the series VII filters around or are willing to buy them (is that the right series?). Mounting the filters is easy, and the little rubber dial on the hood makes using a polarizer fairly easy. Also, I always had the hood attached, so it was not inconvenient to pop it off, slip a filter in, and pop it back on. My only complaint with the lens was flare - it was pretty bad in direct sunlight and I was very often displeased with images where there was sun in the frame - that is why I sold it. Maybe this was a bad s&le, I do not know, but it was a problem for me. Also, mine was the safari version (green) - check out
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for some good infomration on the optical performance of the two versions, if you have not already.

Also, though it is comparatively trivial, I found the lens to be aesthetically unappealing without the hood attached - another reason to keep it attached all the time.

Cheers! - marc


Well-Known Member
> He's asking about the R lens... There were really 4 versions of the 28mm for the M? Were they all made by Leica, or are there Schneiders in there too?

- marc


Dear Marc,

All the 28mm lens, be they for screw-thread, M or R with the exception of the 28PC have all been genuine Leitz/Leica design.

Richard, in comparison to the newest version the older is noticably weaker in the out areas of the frame, expecially fom 2.8-4.5, and has a bit more distortion and much more flare.

The current 28r has amazing flare control, and the full aperture performance is remarkable.

If you are using 400+ speed films and only use a 28 occasionally, the original verion will do fine. If you are a regular 28mm user, and in particlar if you prefer slower, finer grained film, the new version is worth the extra money. It is second in my experience only to the Summicron 28M...And even then only marginally.

Best wishes
Dan States
> According to Erwin Puts the first version is comparable to the second version M. I have this second version M and it suffers from flare. I.m really cinsidering an upgrade to the fourth type or to a CV 28/3.5. Best regard, Michiel Fokkema


By far the best M 28 is the latest - the 28 Summicron. It is sharp, contrasty, flare free, and virtually distortion free. A really astoundingly good lens.