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ElmaritM 275 mm lens



75 IS a nice focal length, somehow a perfect mix of a 50 and 90 (IMO).

I used the Summilux-M 1.4/75 mm for two days and found this focal length "perfect" (if I may use that word) as a one-lens-combo for architecture details and for face portaits too. But... at the same time I found it (in comparison with my 2/50, 2/35 and 21) just too big, too heavy, too unbalanced, and too expensive. Also, I found the 75's focus ring too firm and too hard to turn. I'd prefer a 2/75 or even a 2.8/75 but unfortunately these aren't here yet.

Is there anybody else of the same opinion here?
Nope, absolutley love the 75 shot wide open. I have the need, the need for speed. Lutz has the solution for the focus firmness. Ever since getting his "Steer" use of the 75 has been faster and way more accurate...and a lot easier. So, I use the lens even more now...mostly at f/1.4.
Quite a few Leica M users have said that they would like to be able to buy a Leica 75 Summicron or Elmarit. Most of these wishes seem to come from the school of thought that belives the ideal and most practical 2-lens combination is 35mm + 75mm. I tend to agree that a slower, smaller, lighter and cheaper 75mm constitutes a market gap that Leica could usefully fill.
Ray, that's just it. On the one hand, the 35 and 75 Summiluxes have been mentioned (e.g. by Günter Osterloh) as a perfect duo, but OTOH the 75 is just too big (for me) and its speed is just not all that necessary (for me). The 35 'lux is just 5 g heavier than the 35 'cron, but the 75 is 210 g heavier, i.e. almost twice as heavy. As you mentioned (or queried) elsewhere recently, "Which two M lenses?" would I find to be the most useful, I said my 2/35 and 2/50, because I already have them. BUT,if I had to start all over again, and were only allowed to get two, I still wouldn't get today's 75, but I WOULD get a 2 or 2.8/75 plus either of today's 35s.
Maybe someone can tell me is there any obvious quality differences betw= een Leica Summicron-M prime lenses 28mm, 35mm & 50mm and the Leica Tri-Elma= r that covers all three of them, but at f4. The cost of the Tri-Elmar wil= l mean just 1/3 of the total cost which is attractive and convenience.
Elson, Erwin Puts has a good review of the quality of this lens on his site. I've never used the lens nor plan on purchasing one simply because I very often shoot in the 2,0 - 3,5 range and the Tri-Elmar would limit me in that regard. Additionally, the framing difference between 35 and 28 is so small that I don't find that combination of lenses very useful.