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Fair price for R3 & 5020


Active Member
Greetings: I have an opportunity to purchase an R3 with a 50mm/2.0 Canada Safari, both pieces in green. The lens is in mint condition and the camera has wear at one of the strap lug areas(slight brassing ) and the back shows some wear where the thumb rests. In terms of function all checks out perfect. The offer price is $600USD. I have several screw models and an M3. Does this seem to be a fair price and is this considered a good acquisition by Leicaphiles. Need an answer/opinion asap. Thanks.


Well-Known Member
Seems like a very good price. I paid twice that for mine, though it had no brassing. They are nice shooters too, and that lens is top-notch! Even with a CLA at DAG (or Leica) it would be a good deal.

I now have the Summilux Safari and I think that the Summicron was sharper. They are both great lenses though.

Who knows if the value will rise, but at that price I doubt it will lose any value!

Cheers! - marc



The R3s are rather nice and very usable cameras. Not as popular as other models. But I think you should enjoy using it. They are a much underated Leica.

I'm not too sure about the safari green colour however. But the perfect retro 70s thing.

best wishes, Craig


If the Safari green is not your main thing, the price seems pretty stiff. R3s are good cameras, but they can be found routinely on eBay for 200-225, and the 50/2 for about the same. The Safari model is always more expensive for collectors.