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finally got my "dream" camera after 3 years...


New Member
hi everyone,

i'm a newbie for sigma foveon. recently got hold of a SD14 finally! i really love the sigma foveon look, althought i have not get one really good shot yet!

hope you guys don't mind i ask a few questions:

1. is it better to set my in camera settings to zero for contrast, saturation & sharpness and adjust them later in SPP?

2. can i use my Nikon SB-600 flash with SD14? or 3rd part flash like Emoblitz Digital DS328AZ, Vivitar 285HV?

3. is the price for sigma SA mount lens more expensive than sigma other mount(nikon, canon, etc) lens?

thank you for your time.

Welcome to club :)

1. There's no difference in raw images, using different in-camera settings (including even WB) - and like all of us, you will be using only raw mode, won't you? :)

Well, at least two things (besides jpg image) depend on camera settings.

First - in-camera histogram. Sharpness won't affect histogram, but contrast and saturation may change it. WB changes it substantially. Because automatic metering can always be a bit off, histogram is very valuable to estimate needed EV correction.
Second - default values in SPP are based on camera settings. Well, usually no one will use X3F default settings while processing raw files :)

But neverthless, if you in any occasion need to use in-camera JPG mode, then it would be good to at least familiarize itself with how camera settings affect JPG image.

2. I've not used 3rd party flashes, but you for sure can't use (SA-)TTL metering with these. In manual mode they should work; how exactly connect and synchronize them - probably other forum users will tell you.

3. Sigma SA mount lenses have exactly same price in pricelists that Sigma lenses in other mounts. But you have consider following:

Sometimes it is hard to buy new lens - because there are comparativley few users of these, Sigma doesn't produce SA mount lens constantly, but in batches (and stores do not keep them). I've read that some US users are waiting for new 50/1.4 HSM lens since July... At the same time in Germany and UK this lens is available in many shops.

Sometimes you can buy new lens cheaply - because there are few users, some shops need to clear their stocks. You need watch on-line shops. I've bought 105mm 2.8 EX for about $320 from *local* dealer (new lens, with full warranty). On ebay you could find it maybe cheaper, but you can't even check, does lens work good or not.

Second-hand market for these lenses is very low. You may get some good deals on eBay though.

Waiting for your nice images :)
hi Arvo,

thks for the reply and valuable advices. looks like i need to get a nikon f to sigma sa mount adapter since i hav some nikon lenses.

will post some pictures when i got more time over the weekend.