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First Data 1D II

Currently you have to multiply it with around 1.2 since the Euro ist stronger than the USD in exchange rate.

But US prices are always below the European prices. We have no official US prices yet, but I would assume it would be at or below 4.500 USD
Hmmm, 4,500 Euros equals $5,600. (USD)

That's more than anyone was expecting it to be. But pretty much in line with past new 1D at launch.
I agree, a European price of €4.500 doesn't mean it will have an MSRP $5,600 in the U.S. I doubt the street price of this camera will be much above four grand.

Also, I'm shocked that Canon stuck to USB 1.1 and IEEE1394. With this resolution and frame rate, Firewire 800 is almost required, but even USB 2.0 would have been a welcome addition. For a camera clearly aimed at photojournalists, especially sports photographers, such a workflow bottleneck is almost unexcusable.

Firewire 800 and/or 802.11g wi-fi in this camera would have rocked the world.
I was a little surprised by the USB 1.1 and the IEEE1294. But, I disagree that it will be a problem for most photojournalist. I imagine they do not unload via the camera. More likely most remove the memory from the camera to unload.
Ive just purchased the Mark II....shot a whole wedding with it yesterday and the results are phenomenal.....I must say the speed of the USB isnt a problem....Ive tried IEEE1394 and USB and removing the card and using a reader or the like...and its all relative. Sure the IEEE1394 absolutely flies...but then again whats an extra 30 or 40 seconds on the scheme of things. Speed is not always everything.....
It certainly is relative, by a factor of at least three. At transfer speeds of 100Mb/s, a 1D MK. II is going to be about three times (in real world performance) slower downloading to a computer than a Firewire or USB 2.0 card reader (assuming the same card and destination computer). Granted that only means 5 minutes instead of 15 or more, but depending upon your workflow, that 10 minutes per card can make a lot of difference.
I have a problem with my Ixus 500. I can´t load a short Videoclip from the PC into the Camera.
Who can help me.