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first impressions D100

Is that price drop on the D100 b/c of a Nikon Rebate and if so, when does it expire ? Also, anybody have any juicy info on possible sucessors to the D100 or additional products to meet Cannon's 13 MP etc. beast ? I am looking to purchase the D100 in the next 2-3 months and have been trying to see if Nikon's got anything on the horizon,but can't even find a rumour on the net.
Adam - this is always the problems esp. with Digital - there's always going to be something new in the next 6 months. I have the D100 and am very happy with it. I've also decided that this will be it for digital cameras for me for a long time. Once you decide what size image files you need then going for the next larger chip makes no sense. It's mostly a mental thing. I am not totally rid of the temptation but it's now directed to getting a new Apple computer, or the new 12-24 DX lens

Is anyone aware of a right angle view finder that will work with the D100?
Be cautious about real low prices. Try any of the $1300-1400 range ads in NYC. Call the store; you'll be astounded to learn that it includes NO battery or charger, cables, manual or "nuthin" save for the body.

When I asked "WHAT THE HEY!!!???", I was told this is a pro-camera and "pros" always only need a second body and already have "the other stuff".

I suspect that the truth of the matter is the store low balls the price (i.e. stripped) to get noticed in print or thru web searches. Once you're "there", you'll probably shell out the extra bucks... feel like a trout yet ??? :)

Do I really know this...well I bought my D100 on 2 April 2003, after calling 11 large retailers.

No matter how you slice it the price back then was in the $1790 to $1999 range. P.S. - one store with a "complete" D100 was only $1600. OH BOY !!! Near the end of this order in progress I was advised that shipping and handling would be $178.55. Yeah, you read that right. Mind you, I live in N.J. and the store was in NYC. And that was for standard UPS ground shipment.

B+H in NYC lists their shipping charges in their huge 40+ page adds. Their shipping charge, under $10. Ummmm....how do ya spell caveat emptor ???

Also make sure you are doing apples to apples, is it a US warranted body or a grey import, there is a large $$$ difference.

Your grumbling guy ... Jim.

PPS - D100?- is it any good?? Simple answer.. I'd consider trading my wife in for another one down the road. :)
Itis my experience that the only reliable mail or online stores to shop are B&H and Adorama in NY and Calumet in Chicago. Their prices may be a bit higher than the rest of the competition but there is no string attached and no kind of tricks like that.
Do any D100 owners have an electronic copy of the instructions for the MB D100 Battery Pack that they could share?

Ken Pops
I agree with Robert's comments on B&H, Adormana, and Calumet. No hassles and great service from all of them. Don't take changes with the "lowest price" sites.
I finally purchased a digital SLR. I found the best price at Focus Camera located in Brooklyn, NY. I purchased my F100 there 3 years ago and have no complaints. Sorry! No D100 for me. I do like the camera but I went with the Fuji S2 Pro.