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First impressions S50



I just got an s50 ... so far, so good for snapshots. I'm used to Canon menus, so this is very intuitive for me. I've attached a recent shot from it.

> Hi David, I'm also interresting in the S50, but wonder how is the noise level in shad= ows or when you make an enlargement (specially indoors or in bad light cond= itions).=20 Regards
MCL, I have not done extensive testing in this area, but was just playing with a macro shot at apprx 2500 x 1900 and looking at full size I do not see any noise. I do not know of any digital that is really good in low light with the exception of the Sony 717. I even forced a couple of low light shots with clean results. With 5M you can do a lot of enlarging. No really good information on shadows but there are other forums that have extensive test images to view i.e. dpreview. I am still happy with my S50 for the combination of size and features.

i have just retuned from cal. hermosa,venice and santamonica beaches my s50 worked well in the sun and got a couple of shadows of malibu hills.
colors are awesome
>In fact, I've tried a S50 once in a store in bad light. I compared its ima= ges with same ones took with my S30. Results were quite noisy with S50, and= enlargement possibilities "less good" than with my S30. I thought you coul= d say more about it :) Thank you for your feedback and I wish you a lot of fun with your camera. Marie Christine