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Fisheye Lens



I'm looking for a good, but not overly expensive, fisheye lens for occasional use with my Nikon D100. Any suggestions?
I would use any "normal" lens, 35, 24, 50 and make your fisheye image in photoshop with the FREE PanoTools plugin. If you already have PS, can't get any cheeper than that. Besides, with the chip crop of the D100 (I shoot the D1X) no fisheye will look like a real fishy on your camera.
I have the Sigma 15mm f2.8 MF lens and also the Nikon 16mm f2.8 AFD lens.
I dont think there is much to choose between them personaly but the Nikon will hold its value that bit better
I don't own a digital,but use the Sigma EX 15mm f2.8 a lot on my F90X.
It's a very good lens above f8. It controls flare surprisingly well for such a lens and I often shoot into the sun without worrying. Mechanically is also very good,but the exposed front element needs attention.