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Flash and 50 mm


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I got an om-10 of a garage sale and later I got the manual adapter. Three questions: 1. the flash that came with the camera - T20 - fits nicey on top of the camera in the hot shoe but in front of the camera there is a socket for a conection of some kind of 3 cord wire- what is that for and do i need it? 2. The manual adapter- is it right that in manual adapter position it overules the automatic time setting of the camera though it is stille the automatic value displayed in the viewfinder? 3. The lens, an olympus zuiko 1:1,8 50 mm is that a: a. crappy lens, an ok lens, a good lens or a superp lens? I am used to work with canon and leica on with the 24x36 format but mostley wide or tele and I have not got a 50 mm to compare it with.
Take a look at the following site.
There is the whole OM-system described and you can download manuals for your OM-10, your Manual Adapter and your Flash!
I would recommend down loading the manual from Olympus to answer your questions better. The front connector is for multiple flash units. The manual flash will not override the exposure but control when the flash operates. Removing and flipping over the cover to automatic allows for OTF TTL flash. I believe that that camera syncs at 60th or less. The manual is free online. Although the 1.8 is inexpensive and there are better 50mms, it will perform better than you might expect from such and inexpensive lens.

50/f1.8 is a very good lens. Keep it!
The cord you mentioned is useful when you use flash off camera.