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Foveon snail


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This one has been taken with the Polaroid X530 and little processed with the Adobe Lightroom.

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As more I use the X530, more I like it...



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Jes...Great Macro....I love the signature under the snail...

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to run it thru Nikon NX2....to see if I could sharpen it a little...here is some enhancements I came-up with...it got a little more grainy...when I did the enhancment...but let me know what you think...

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Again great shot...and thank you in advance for letting me play with image...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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Hi Tony,

Feel free to play with any of the pictures I post ;)
One of the things I like most of the X530 is the way it generates the noise: It looks like film grain. I like your processing, I'm afraid that sharpening such a small image (400px) has put some artifacts (halo) around the shell that probably would'nt have appeared with a bigger image. If you want I can send you the original image (prior to resizing for uploading to the forum), to play with. Or maybe the halo was there and the B&W makes it more visible... ;).